★ NEW ★ 【Lesson DVD】緊縛指南 高手小手縛り編 / 2019 (latest) TK lecture DVD by Hajime Kinoko

Hajime Kinokoによる2019年(最新)の高手小手縛りのレクチャーDVD


Hajime Kinokoは、十数年間、沢山の縛り技術者と共に定期的にこの高手小手を改善、アップデートし、2019年版・高手小手を完成。Hajime Kinoko主宰の一縄会でも教えています。

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英語字幕付き / English subtitles

販売価格: 3,900円(内税)
発売日: 2019年12月17日
収録時間: 70分
実演・解説: Hajime Kinoko

・TK using two ropes(Back hands)
・TK using three ropes(Back hands)
・Useful advice for binding

It will be a lecture DVD for those who want to learn binding techniques with a view to binding techniques.
The primitive of all bindings, TK is a very important binding to restrain or hang people.
Hajime Kinoko has regularly improved and updated TK with many bondage teachers for over 10 years, and completed the 2019 version of the TK.
Not only the procedure but also "Why do you use this tome?", "Why do you want to use this tightness?", "Why don't you use a rope around this part of the human body?" know-how to practice immediately is included in this DVD.

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Price: 3,900yen(Tax included)
Release Date: December 17, 2019
Run time: 70min
Lecture: Hajime Kinoko

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販売価格 3,900円(内税)